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Nancy Schluntz

Religious and spiritual guidance.


Rev. Nancy Schluntz

Serving as a communication bridge and providing compassionate
support services for animals and their human families. 




What is an Interfaith Chaplain?

An Interfaith Chaplain is an ordained minister who has received training in the traditions and practices of the major world religions and faith traditions.  The purpose of interfaith chaplaincy is to honor the many paths of the spiritual journey.  Spiritual support services include:

·        Guest sermons (lectionary or topic-specific)

·        Memorial services

·        Blessing and Wedding services

·        Compassionate spiritual guidance


What is an Animal Chaplain?

An Animal Chaplain is an ordained minister who has received additional training on the relationships and needs of animals and their human companions.  Chaplaincy support services include (but are not limited to):

·        Animal blessing & naming ceremonies

·        Honoring transitions, such as adoption, moving, and other life/family changes

·        Memorial services, grief and loss support

·        Blessings for animal care workers

·        Individual consultations

·        Guidance to help you and your animal family communicate more clearly.

As an Animal Chaplain, my commitment to you is to be fully present, stand beside you in your process, use all of my skills in full integrity, and to say so if someone else can better serve you.

Have you ever wondered …?

·        What your animal companion is trying to tell you?

·        Why your dog’s behavior has suddenly changed?

·        Why your cat is upset and distant when you return from a trip?

·        Whether your companion is ready to leave this life, or wants to stay longer?
·        How to achieve good closure when your animal companion dies suddenly; how to honor your relationship and express your grief when your animal companion passes?
Vital to my role as an Animal Chaplain is animal communication – an intuitive interspecies connection.


Animal voices are all around us, all the time.  Tuning-in to the animal being addressed honors its being and intelligence.  This intuitive connection helps convey the human’s message clearly to their animal companion, and relay what the animal has to say to the human.  This connection honors the relationship by more fully including both, and helps deepen mutual understanding. 
I also offer Reiki for Animals - a gentle, noninvasive energy balancing that helps animals (and their people) calm and rebalance their energies and helps the mind and body heal itself from within.

Every major world faith speaks of our special relationship with animals, and our responsibilities for their stewardship.


Please note that Animal Communication is complementary to, but not a substitute for, regular veterinary care. 

About Rev. Nancy –

My connection to animals and nature took root in the jungle oil camp in Colombia where I was born.  Many animal and human teachers have guided me over the years.  My true passion and mission emerged when my canine teacher and my mother died within a month of each other.  While I grieved my mother’s passing, the grief I felt over the loss of my dog, Buki, was profound.  I found I was not alone in learning that our cultural and religious structures do not know how to deal with the deep grief people can experience over the loss of an animal companion. 


These experiences led me to several years’ study with Animal Communicator Cathy Malkin-Currea and other teachers; completing ordination as an Interfaith Chaplain at the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts & Interfaith Ministry, and the Animal Chaplain certification program of Interfaith Officiants.  I bring to my work many years’ leadership of a nonprofit agency serving homeless families with children, life experience, a love of ongoing learning, and the joy of helping animal and human companions develop more harmonious relationships. 


 “Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect. – Chief Seattle


Testimonials –

“Thank you so much.  Everything is so much better now.  Daisy is so much calmer and has only had one accident in the house.” – EG

“I found your reading very accurate and heartfelt about Tama, our elderly dachshund. Based on what you said about her being in pain, we have been giving her medication for her joint pain and she seems to be doing better! You also captured her spirit and personality in confirming that she is a healer for us. Thank you for your connection.” – EM

I've been following your advice on how to prepare our cat, Mouse, for our upcoming trip. I so appreciate your help and expertise with this, as it's done much to alleviate my stress and anxiety about leaving (Mouse's too!) – KB